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The Richest Club Owners of the World
In recent years, football has become a lucrative business for mega-rich owners to take control of some of the biggest clubs in the game. These include Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich at Chelsea and Arab sheiks, American businessmen and Asian millionaires at other clubs.

Many of these new clubs are run like companies with a board of directors, an annual shareholders’ meeting and CEOs. FOOTBALLKUB have built corporate networks in which they bring together the best talent to create a powerful and successful team.

While the richest clubs in the world have created a powerful and profitable business model, the game itself remains a passion for millions of people around the world. It is also a sport that enables a diverse community of players to be involved in an interactive social environment and engage in meaningful relationships. For some, it can be a source of great pride and for others a way to express their political views or social activism. In general, however, the rich owners of football teams are changing the face of the sport in a way that some fans don’t approve of. So, what is the right way to approach the world of football?