The Thai Lotto is a national lottery operated by the Government Lottery Office (GLO). It is one of the two forms of gambling in Thailand that is legal. As of 2014, 67 million people had participated in the lottery. Moreover, the government uses 28% of the profits for various projects. For example, the government allocates the proceeds to charities, civil services, and welfare funds.

The Thai Lottery offers a variety of prizes, with the first prize of B2 million. To claim your prize, you must visit one of the three GLO offices in Bangkok. Besides, you need to fill out a claim form and present your passport or Thai ID card. All prizes must be claimed within two years from the date of the draw.

In addition to the main prize, the Thai Lotto also offers a bonus prize. You will receive B22 million in the case of a winning ticket with the bonus prize. However, the bonus prize is limited to a certain percent of the cost of the ticket. This amount is included in the 3% administrative costs.

The Thai lottery has two drawings every month. The first is on the first day of the month, while the second is on the 16th. ลือลั่น สนั่นเมือง is required to pay a stamp duty on all their winnings. Likewise, anyone who wins a prize of B20,000 or less must also pay the same tax. Moreover, the maximum price of a lottery ticket is set at 80 baht.

The numbers of the tickets are printed on a special yellow paper. They are also coated with chemicals to protect them from stains. Hence, you can easily distinguish them from a fraudulent one. If you see any stains, drop a bleach on them. Alternatively, you can use a drop of ultra-violet light to determine their validity.

Unlike the other lotteries in Thailand, the Thai Lotto offers a variety of jackpots. You can win the highest prize of six million baht, or one of ten other prizes. เลขลือลั่นสนั่นเมือง who win the highest prize can choose between a cash or a check. There are no other prizes higher than the third, with the lowest possible prize being 1,000 baht.

As a result, the Thai Lotto has an extremely high popularity in both Thailand and other parts of the world. In Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Pakistan, the lottery is very popular.

Although the lottery is not a scam, there are people who are trying to sell fake tickets. Therefore, it is wise to be cautious and avoid buying lottery tickets from individuals and stores that do not look Thai. Instead, you should get a ticket from an authorized retailer or agent.

You should also make sure that your ticket has the correct number of prizes. Tickets that feature the wrong number of prizes or no prize at all are not valid. Nevertheless, you can still get the prize if your ticket has the right number of prizes.